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Florian López Plaza

3D artist



I offer a range of digital enhancement and creation services. Taking your idea from concept to reality. My workflow includes, digital asset creation, including UV-unwrapping and texture painting, 3D animation, simulation, lighting and rendering. As well as digital compositing, editing and color grading.
My process.
Going into every project I always strive to keep things transparent. Clear communication is essential for me when it comes to delivering a great final product.
1. Requirements and conceptingIt is important to get the requirements set, as changing these along the way is not easily done. With these requirements I create some initial concepts, consiting of mood- and story-boards or low detail assets depending on the type of project. If we agree on the look of the concepts I continue onto asset creation.
2. Non-destructive workflowWhen creating assets or scenes I make use of a non-destructive workflow, ensuring high-quality assets that allow for easy alteration along the way. Depending on the size of the project I may also use library assets, which allows for quicker turnaround times.
3. Implementation and iterationWhen the initial scene setup or the assets are complete, I move onto the detail work. Depending on the project this might consist of animation, simulation, texture painting or lighting. As well as fine-tuning the details in preperation for rendering. Along the way I show single frame renders approaching the look of the final image.
4. Final cutIf the project consists of scene or asset creation, this is step where I package the project and get it ready to get it sent your way. If, however, your request is a video or imagery, this step consists of compositing, editing and color grading of the final image or video.
About me
Hi, I'm Florian, a 3D artist and developer from the Netherlands. I create art from tiny digital triangles and love to explore endless possibilities.
My latest creations
MatterFX teaser
By InfinityFX
Coming soon.